UiPath Integration Service with Google Docs

Hello again Community!

Close on the heels of my post earlier today, another short video on the UiPath Integration Service has been posted to the rpavanguard channel!

This time we work with Integration connections to Google Docs (and consequently, Google Drive).

This demo will show you:

  1. How to create a file on your Google Drive and fetch a File ID reference
  2. Use the File ID reference to write some text to the newly created file

These actions will happen over a Connection to Google Docs defined in the Automation Cloud.

Read more about the UiPath Integration Service here:


Hii this is Pretty Helpful. But can you help me with Uipath Integration Service with Outlook.

Hi @Rohan_Goswami1 ,

I would love to help. But integration with Outlook 365 requires me to register the application with Azure Active directory with a school or work account.

Unfortunately, given the strict security guidelines we have, I don’t know if my request to have an application registered to the UiPath Automation Cloud will ever be granted.

I will speak with our IT team and let you know when I make progress.


Okay Sure.
Thanks @AndyMenon