UiPath Integration Service available in on prime orchestrator

hi @Charlie_Greenberg @ovi @loginerror

Is UiPath Integration Service available for on prime orchestrator 2021.4.3

The Integration Services is designed for Automation Cloud. If you are having a Cloud Account, you will be able to use this service.

@marian.platonov I was curious about this as well, with the Flex based Licenses that allow deployments with Cloud, Automation Suite, or On-prem, does UiPath Support a Hybrid approach for Integration Services similar to the Hybrid we can do with Apps? So that what you need is Private Cloud/On-prem, but still make use of the currently Cloud only Services like Integration Services.

The Integration Service is not available to on-prem customers today. We are looking to deliver a hybrid approach through Automation Suite by 23.4 target as we are currently analyzing the possibilities and the work effort to get there. Integration Service will remain in the cloud at that time, but become available for on-premises customers to integrate with third-party cloud applications. We are currently not (yet) looking to deliver a full on-prem Integration Service option.


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