Apps Available On-Prem?

Everything I have read states that UiPath was planning to roll out Apps to on-prem “later this year,” which was 2020. Does anyone know if it’s been rolled out yet and if not, what the new ETA is?

Hey @ashley.n.andres

Check this once please - Configuring an On-Premise Orchestrator for use by Apps


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Apps is available on-premise in Automation Suite or via the Hybrid connection that @Nithinkrishna mentioned.

Thank you! We are still trying to learn all the different components, as we are new users of UiPath. We have an on-prem instance so I’m wondering if Automation Suite is also available on-prem or only in the cloud version?


Automation Suite enables you to deploy the full UiPath automation platform in the environment of your choice, including bare metal machines, on-premises Virtual Machine infrastructure, or cloud subscriptions on any of the major providers.

Based on your description you’ve likely got an on-premise Orchestrator (and perhaps some other stand-alone components/products) that you installed via MSI. You might consider A) Migrating a standalone installation to Automation Suite or B) Migrating standalone Orchestrator using the Migration Tool. Or you can install Automation Suite with just Apps and connect that to your existing Orchestrator for a Hybrid approach. This Hybrid approach also works for Apps in Automation Cloud <-> on-prem orchestrator. This may seem like a lot of options, but these all exist to suit our customers unique needs.

t;dr If you want all of your components fully on-premise, Automation Suite is the way to go :slight_smile:

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