UiPath - installation error

Hi ,

We are getting Manuel activation error code 1089, description - License file corrupt while installing runtime license. (“Robot Attended”)

if we uninstall and reinstall will the issue gets solved ?.

Please raise a ticket with uipath support team…they will help you to resolve the issue

You can try first to uninstall/install and see if it works.

Thanks …will try first unstill and reinstall , if still not working will raise a ticket.

Hi @Wilson,

Follow the below link for offline activation.


Imp step: Send the file attached to email to another machine with no firewall/system security software that prevents the access to our online validation server. On the same machine, click on this Offline activation URL and copy the generated data from the txt file to the empty field in the page and click on Activate.

Above step is very important for offline activation.

After you got response from server please copy that certificate try to activate.

Hope this will help you.


Please delete license folder and give a try.