Activation issue

Activation failed with error: -4304
Error description: Error connecting to activation server. Please use offline activation.
License status: Undetermined

Device ID: -------------------------
Computer: ----------------
User Name: ----------

Do you have any firewall that would block the outgoing requests of UiPath?

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I’ve resolved this in two ways: One, use the offline-activation steps as mentioned by loginerror:

Offline activation:
The following are required:
a valid email address
a valid activation code
access to a computer with internet access or with access to our validation portal
The following arguments have to be used: get-activation-cert, /email, /code, /out_file, /offline, and /response_file.
To activate your Robot offline, do the following:
Generate an activation certificate from the command line, by writing something like:
regutil.exe get-activation-cert / /code=1234567890 /out_file=E:\certificate.txt.
On a machine with a connection to the internet, navigate to this URL: The activation portal is displayed.
In the Activation Code field, paste the information in the certificate generated at step 1.
Click Activate. An activation response code is generated.
Save the generated response to a .txt file.
On the machine used at step 1, activate the license offline, as follows: regutil.exe activate /offline /code=1234567890 /response_file=D:\response.txt.

Or you can install Fiddler. Once installed start Fiddler and reattempt your activation.
Good luck!