UiPath Innovation RPA Hackathon 2021

Join the UiPath Innovation RPA 2021 Hackathon challenge that UiPath is doing in association with DevPost. UiPath is constantly looking for ways that individuals can empower change in their environment through RPA. UiPath Innovation RPA 2021 is an initiative aimed at students who have created innovative automation solutions and professional developers who have identified unique ways to incorporate enterprise integration solutions.

Category # 1: Student RPA Innovation

UiPath continues to devote its efforts to solve social problems that challenge all of us. In this category, we are looking for collecting inspiring ideas for automation that create a positive impact on society through innovation. Participants are expected to develop ideas and solutions that can solve any challenge related to:

  • Accessibility
  • Environment
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Education
  • Health Care (Non-Covid)
  • Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Public Sector

UiPath Innovation solutions help others understand best practices that can be applied across organizations to solve real-world related issues. What issues have you discovered where automation can assist in making a difference?

The list of probable uses of RPA are robust. Share how RPA is the best fit for solving problems encountered by organizations in the categories mentioned above, as they face challenges associated with the workforce, time, cost, creating a green environment and more… Share how RPA can empower organizations to focus more on mission-critical tasks and less on repetitive tasks.

Category # 2: Professional Enterprise Integration

Analysts and customers have highlighted UiPath’s technology alliance ecosystem as one of its three main strengths. Demonstrate this key strength by building an automation that solves a real problem for a specific Industry, leveraging any of the enterprise applications listed below. The proposed workflow must integrate to one or more of the enterprise applications listed using activity packs, connectors, or accelerators which are hosted in the UiPath Marketplace or are using an APIs from your favorite integration application.

  • Workflows that span multiple enterprise applications and solve important industry problems will be awarded additional merit points.

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