Uipath Got Stuck

Reading the title may sound funny, but I am facing an issue where my UiPath has got stuck while creating an automation and I cannot click on any tab. Whereas if I click anywhere on the dash it’s making a beep sound. Can someone tell me why it has happened?

Hi @Anirudh_Tugawe
Could it be that there is a pop-up blocking you from interacting with UiPath. This happen often when you use a dialog box in your automation.

So what shall I do now? actually was adding a “Log message” activity.

Hi @Anirudh_Tugawe

Yes, the studio getting stuck sometimes, it was not responding on click on the close button also. Many of developers getting the same error.

You can raise this technical error to the UiPath support. Open the below link and a technical query among this.

Hope it helps!!

really?? everyone at this point facing the same issue?

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Yeah I have already checked with my team facing the same issue… @Anirudh_Tugawe

Shall I close it forcefully? but I haven’t saved my project :face_with_peeking_eye:

Hi @Anirudh_Tugawe , @mkankatala ,

Could you let us know with some more details on what exactly is the workflow performing and where do you think it is getting stuck ?

Also, If possible share the Studio/Robot versions that you are using so that we can also get an understanding and check the same, so that we can confirm that the issue is redundant.

If you were able to Run the Process, that would mean that it is already saved with your last edit.

I am using the 23.8.0 version. I was practising automation related to password reset from one of the video tutorials. While using the “log message” activity I was adding a message in full screen now the entire window is stuck.

@Anirudh_Tugawe ,

Could you check the below post if it is the same case that you are referring to ?

Also check if the Package versions are also the same as mentioned in the post.

Also, Could you check your opened Application tabs (Maybe using Alt+Tab), to check if the Log Message Expression Window is still open ?

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Thank you, Actually I have open advance editor and simultaneously I was checking video tutorials, in this process of minimising the tabs this issue occurred.

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