Log message activity has a bug

I expand the log message → Change window to copy something with keyboard shortcut ( Alt+ Tab) → and i come back to UiPath and then My UiPath studio gets Freezed!

Hi @Vikas_M ,

Maybe you could elaborate more on what versions of Studio or dependency packages were used. This way others could also replicate and check if its the same or a one-time issue :slight_smile:

Also, what was expanded on Log Message activity ?

Hi @Vikas_M

Freezing the UiPath Studio depends on many factors, can you try the same in the new process and check?


@supermanPunch , Certainly!

The advanced window/Expression Editor was opened from the log message

The Screenshot of the dependencies I used is below

And below is the screenshot of my studio version

And am working on

Here is a video clip that demonstrates the bug in action

Hey @Srini84 , I did attempt the solution in a new process, but unfortunately, the issue still persists.

This should be fixed in 23.10 release. Please give it a try.

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Hey @alexandru I checked, The bug has been Fixed in the latest release! :smiley:

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