UiPath Forum Improvements

Hi guys,

Could we add the following to this forum?

  1. Option to mark queries as resolved or closed so you know whether they still require attention
  2. A filter on Category to view issues/ideas as required.



hey @richarddenton

  1. There is already an option to mark query as resolved by the post owner by clicking on the bottom of post a checkbox and to close a topic currently Peopels having leader access or forum moderators can do this but generally to make this more interactive we are not closing the topics and only good idea to close a topic when it have so much replies and have already a best and feasible solution of that problem has been mentioned on that post.

  2. Their is already a filter or combobox to browse category specific question on the forum.

even if you will click on the questions category as well it will sort and show all questions posted in that category.



Do you think we should switch to categories page as the default landing page for forum?
We have two options, the latest (currently in use) or the categories

hey @badita

I think the second one is more intractive and helpful for new users as well as beginners i guess.


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Yes I think so because it’s more of a Summary page. I would move categories tab left one so that it’s the first tab and then have the Latest tab as that relates to forum discussions.

I didn’t spot the All Categories drop down so maybe that could be clearer - or should be at the top of each discussion?