Uipath Forum Android and IOS App in playstore

Just wondering why we don’t have Android and IOS app for uipath forum in the Android play store or apple store. In my opinion I feel very comfortable to use App instead of going by browser each and every time I want to check the post in forum. Uipathians share your thoughts and opinions. Please do vote if you feel like it is required for our forum. Thanks.


Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1

Have you given the Discourse app a try? It would be the official way to consume the Forum on your mobile, given that it is hosted by Discourse.

For some context - even the Discourse app will simply use the mobile view of our Forum and this is due to the fact that Discourse has built its platform as a JavaScript application.

thanks for your response @loginerror. ok i will try to install discourse and see if it is useful.