UiPath Forum Android App

Hi everybody!
Let’s make Forum Android App!!! :slight_smile:
I’m not only Android developer here for sure, so let’s gather all Android developers from Forum and make something awesome! :slight_smile:

I got few ideas as well to improve our uipath experience :slight_smile:

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I believe their website is quite good and fully responsive. Also when you add it as a bookmark in your phone, it’s just like an app.

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There is also the Discourse mobile app where you can add the forum you are part of, although it’s not the best app :blush:

We can brainstorm a bit on this subject.

@Lahiru.Fernando bring them on, please :pray:

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Mobile app will really help. On the go we can provide solutions and answers…

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There is already an app. Get the discourse app and enter the uipath forum address.


Thats correct