UiPath Forms - Dynamic Dropdowns

Hello everyone. Using C# and Studio, I am trying to pass in an In Argument to the post-23.4 version of Forms of type List to dynamically populate a multi-select dropdown, but I am running into a few issues.

**First, ** to explain the use case… this is an attended robot that opens a Form where the multi-select dropdown is dynamically populated to include a list of my company’s projects. For example, let’s say the List is passed in as follows: List<string> projectNames = new List<string>() { "CompanyA", "CompanyB", "CompanyC" } We will use this list to identify which of our projects we want to crawl through to test the validity of their respective public-facing links. These project names are retrieved from a locally stored file.

**Moving on to the issues - ** while the Form is successfully taking in the List, it presents itself with a few issues:

  1. The multi-select dropdown automatically selects all the fields that have been passed in. In the example I provided earlier: at runtime, the form would automatically have “CompanyA”, “CompanyB”, and “CompanyC”, pre-selected instead of nested under the dropdown as you might expect.

  2. Since this is passed as an In Argument, I cannot retrieve the selected values back.

  3. If I modify the argument to be in In/Out argument, I can technically retrieve the values but a) the dropdown still pre-selects everything and b) whenever I deselect a project from the dropdown, it disappears as an option altogether - preventing the user from reselecting the project.

I have searched through several of the forum posts, and cannot quite find a clear answer on how to accomplish this post-23.4. I believe this was a feature available before, but not now. Please let me know if you need more information. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  1. For values selected I guess you can configure default value to be empty as well check the same
  2. in the latest forms we have get form values activity which is used to get the values from the form instead of using in/out argument this should solve the issue for you


Thank you - I will take a look into this one. I thought about configuring the default value to specifically be empty, but I could not find a way to do that - I tried a space, an empty string, and so on. Am I missing something?


try to use html5 type widget…in choicejs always its selecting all the values as you said