Hello Community, I’m facing difficulty locating the UiPath.FormActivityLibrary package. Could someone please assist me in resolving this issue?


Follow this Steps:

-Ensure that you are searching for packages in the official UiPath package feed. You can switch between different feeds to see if the package is available.
-In the “Manage Packages” window, use the search bar to look for the UiPath.FormActivityLibrary package. Make sure that you are using the correct package name.
-If you find the package, make sure to install the latest version compatible with your UiPath Studio version.
-Visit the official UiPath documentation or release notes to see if there have been any updates related to form activities or new libraries.
-Ensure that you are using the latest version of UiPath Studio. New packages and activities are often introduced with new software releases.

Thanks & Cheers…!

Hi, you can check UiPath.FormActivityLibrary package in manage packages
and remove filters from that manage packages as shown as below

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