How to resolve this issue in uipath

UiPath.FormActivityLibrary package is missing, how can I resolve this issue ?

hi @Sameer_Kumar_Sahu

can you please install the packages from the manage packages
so that the issue will be resolved

I have installed the package from manage package only but still it’s not working

Hi @Sameer_Kumar_Sahu

Download package (UiPath.persistence.activites)

This is also downloaded from manage package


can you mention which version of studio your are using

Studio 2023.8.0 community version

Hi @Sameer_Kumar_Sahu

  1. Ensure that you have installed the correct version of the UiPath.FormActivityLibrary package or else reduce the version of that package

  2. Sometimes, UiPath Studio might not recognize newly installed packages until you restart the application. Close and reopen UiPath Studio to see if the package is recognized.

  3. Check that package UiPath.FormActivityLibrary is added as a dependency.

Actually UiPath.FormActivityLibrary package is missing in the manage packages. Try hard to find this package but no luck on this


Degrade the UiPath.form.activities package to 2.0.3

it helps!

Hi @Sameer_Kumar_Sahu

The package is UiPath.form.activities… Now you can search in manage package

If not work can you share the screenshot of



yes it works as expected

Thanks for your times. Now it’s works as expected

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Welcome to the community

You need not degrade it…

The activity formactivitylibrary would be presnet in manage packages…mostly the filter icon on top right in the manage packages is checked I beleive…just uncheck all or remove filters and you should find the pckage


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