UiPath Form Grid Refresh (Doesn't work as intended for removed row items)

What does “Redraw On” do in UiPath Form? There is no tooltip or documentation on website for this.

I am trying to achieve refreshing of editGrid within UiPath form when row is removed from DT. It works well when new row is added in DT, but doesn’t work when row is removed. Some how it preserves previous row.

My current approach is to refresh grid based on button click… so the flow exits out of form, performs validation, generates DT and pass this formatted DT back to form to populate in EditGrid. It is working fine, except for removing the row.

How can I refresh grid upon button click so that it removes rows not present in DT, but were present earlier?

Appreciate any input.


Hi @harshilmehta which version of the UiPath Forms are you using?

The latest stable release - 1.1.11

Here is my observation based on thorough testing…

If the row has any null/blank values, then editGrid preserves previously populated value. If I replace this value with some other value then it updates. So my current approach is to have some value in each cell. In this case, I have defaulted all row cells to “0” and designed the business logic with the fact that “0” should be treated as no action or treat it as null.

It would be great if UiPath can share solution for this issue or rectify in newer release of UiPath Form.