UiPath Form - Accessibility Issue for Content Component

Hello UiPath Team,

Thanks for the amazing features rolling out at a lightning speed that adds great value to the automation as a whole and also helps developing with ease.

Below is an observation for the UiPath Form’s Content Component.

In the Dark Mode for Studio, if we select the Content Component, the text typed in the text area isn’t visible until we select that entire text to highlight it. It is not convenient to use this way.

This is how it looks after we type the sentence, we can not see the text there

But there is a text and will be visible if we highlight that entire text by selecting it.

However in the Light mode for Studio there is no such issue. But Dark Mode Matters

There was similar issue for Dark Mode, where in the Invoke Workflow’s argument values/text doesn’t use show up until we hover the mouse pointer over them. That is perfectly taken care in newer version and many thanks for that, also I am certain this will be taken care too.

@loginerror @Pablito

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Hi @rahulsharma,
I reported this issue in our internal ticketing tool. Thank you for letting us know :slight_smile:

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