Content field doesn't display in my design wizard?


When I try to create a label/header or an html document, the field to enter the content is missing for me for some reason. It works on my colleague’s computer and I haven’t noticed a difference between our setups. I am running Studio 2019.12.0-beta.61 Community. I also tried installing Studio 2019.10.3 Community but selecting Preview Updates in the installation options, looks exactly the same.

Content text below was added by my colleague, but when I open it on my computer I can’t see or edit it.

Any ideas what the problem is or how to fix it?


I’m using Form Activities v1 and 2019.10.4. do you see anything in the content section?

Any solution for this?

Any update on this? I’m having the same issue and keen to resolve it.

UiPath Studio 2019.10.4
UiPath.Form.Activities 1.1.1
UiPath.FormActivityLibrary 1.1.1

I’ve also tried latest UiPath.Form 1.1.7 to no avail