Uipath extract hyperlink from excel

UiPath extract hyperlink from excel

ExtractHyperLink.zip (42.6 KB)

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Thanks for your excel package. It is really helpful.
However, I used the extract hyperlink function to get around 27 hyperlinks from the excel.
When I extract them and put them into the DataTable.
I paste the DataTable on the excel to see the extracted result.
I found the sequence will be mixed. I do not know why the result will be mixed.
Can you help this?

Hello @balupad14 , It is very appreciated if you have some time to see this.
Do you also have the same issue to get mixed sequence when executing extact hyplerlinks function. Thanks

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Hi @David_Yu_yudavid ,

Can you please share some example workflow with example excel.

Thank you


The flow is pretty simple.

  1. Just extract the hyperlink from excel sheet. output is determined DataTable.
  2. Write Range by determined DataTable. You can see the result sequence is mixed.
    I do not know the reason. I expect to have the same sequence as original.
    Thank you for the help.

hyperlink excel

Write Range result

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Thank you for the feedback @David_Yu_yudavid .

I have done the changes. you can get the package here.


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Thank you for your great help.
Your youtube and package are very helpful for UiPath RPA learner.
We can shorten the development time.
Thank you again.

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