Extract data from many urls in an excel file

Hi, I’m new here using UiPath.

I want to extract data from links that i saved on excel file. I put three links on it (the actual link is hundreds), but the result data is only from one link. Sometimes the result only comes from the last row.

I have followed the problem solving from other forums, but it did not work.

Thank you for your help.

Hereby i attach the link of my work that i’ve upload on google drive.

It seems the issue is that you are using a “write datatable” activity to add the results in you output file, then it always overwrite the previous data, try to use “append range” activity instead of “write range”, it should work :slight_smile:

Hi @skyhigh

Use read range activity and store the excel data in a data table variable and use the for each row in data table activity and pass the data table variable into that and then use the currentRow(“Your Column Name”).toString and pass that into the use application/browser activity. use the check app state within the use application/Browser activity and check if you got any desired output. If you get the required output then jut give the remaining process in the target appears section and leave the Target doesn’t appear section blank so that if there is no data showed then it goes for the next link and the process continues for the remaining links too.


Hi @skyhigh

If you found any specific element when you open the actual link. Then you can use it as Reference.

Use read range workbook activity to read the excel file and store it in a datatable. After that Use for each row in datatable activity to iterate the rows in the datatable. Inside for each row in datatable activity insert an assign activity and initialize the value in a variable as below

- Assign -> EachLink = Currentrow("Column name").toString

After assign activity, use the use application\browser activity in that pass the EachLink Variable, Inside use application\browser activity insert the check app state activity and indicate the element which is take it as a reference. In the Target appears block insert the click, type into or any other activity to move for the next process if opened the actual link. In target doesn’t appear don’t give any other activity.

If the actual link opens the check app state checks the reference element and execute the further process, If the link is not actual it will went for next link.

Check the below workflow for better understanding.

Hope it helps!!r

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