Legacy Edge Extension for UiPAth Studio

I have existing projects in Uipath where IE was used as a browser type. Now I have to change the browser type to Edge. On UiPath Tools, I have legacy Edge but on my laptop I have Edge Chromium ( The new version). So I am not able to install the Edge extension on UiPath. Please give a suggestion on how to address this issue


Chromium Edge is supported by UiPath Studio 19.10.5 (Platform 19.10.6) or above as the following page. Perhaps you should consider upgrade Studio/Robot to 19.10.5 or above.


I am trying to avoid upgrading Uipath with an existing project as I have seen with other application upgrading sometimes mess up the existing project. That’s why I am trying to see if I can get legacy edge.


check these doc

Cheers @koli_banu

upgrading the activities will create ugly red marked activities, forward compatibility doesn’t work always

you can opt for installing a web driver instead, below link might help