UiPath Executor Crash Issue

Hello All,

I am developing a Project on Enterprise Studio v2020.4.3
The Automation deals with Oracle ERP(E- Business Suite to be specific - Java Based)

Everything works fine except one specific scenario.
At few points when we try to search/commit some data in the ERP, it takes time to load/submit (it has loading bar in the bottom). The Problem is, if the search goes beyond 20-30seconds it somehow crashes the UiPath Executor (Check the screenshot below)

I have tried adding delay, Element Exists, On Element appear and various other ways. But the problem is, the executor itself crashes.
I have seen similar topics on forum but most of them are pointing towards Excel freeze and changes in it. My case is surely because of ERP and i cannot change it.

I am unsure on how to look for root cause. Can it be something related to memory?

Screenshot (203)

Please Guide!