Uipath executer stopeed working

I am getting Uipath executer stopped working error.
This error is coming frequently when a bot runs 24/7 for 6-7 days on an average.
It will not stop at any specific activity.


Check the memory resource of the machine

As you mentioned it’s a long running process, so you have plan for clearing logs and temp files

Hope this helps you


UiPath always generate a log report on a periodic intervals. So these log reports will accumulate and consume large temporary memory over a period of time. This will lead to memory leaks and application will get crash.

To mitigate this, your frame work should have BOT parking patch which will park the BOT daily 1H at least and clear all temporary files. Try to incorporate this BOT parking approach and see your BOT will run with out any crash.

I am clearing temp files on every single run.

Then create a snippet to re start the machine during the nigh and start the BOT after 5 min. This will eliminate if any glitch in all areas.

No Bot should run 24/7 and no one will run the bot manually and internally i gave 15 delay after every cycle.

Yes BOT will run 24X7 only… it will stop and re start the machine automatically and resume the BOT after 5 min. this is how need to build your framework in the BOT.

Create vbs file with above shown enrties and save this ReStartMachine.vbs file in your framework folder.
Call this vbs file by using Start Process activity and call this restart vbs file.

If we run this it will restart the system then we need to login again and it will not continue from where it stopped

No it will automatically re start the machine. if you configure your machine to login directly with out login credentials (if it is a secure lab machine) then make sure to schedule your Robot after 5 min restarting the machine. This will enable your Robot automatically.
Hope my inputs are useful.