UIPATH robot stopped working abruptly

HI All,

I am a beginner to UI PATH. I have developed an algorithm to capture text from a video stream website. Based on certain condition robot look for the specific text that apprears in the stream and simply write it to write line. There is absolutely NO involvement of an Excel or any file writting.

Robots runs fine and capture text for about 30-40 min then the UI Path robot crashes.

UIPath studio: Studio 2020.3.0-beta.84 - 3/16/2020
Community License
EXE Installer
Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1 32-bit
.NET Framework Version 4.7.1

My laptop configuration: Windows 7 machine, 32 bit processor and 4GB RAM


I wish run the robot for atleast 12-15 hours unattended non stop. Please advise for a solution.

Not sure what the cause may be, but as a simple test - as you are running 20.3 beta, maybe update to the latest beta which is 20.4.0-beta.250 or rollback to Stable (19.10.4).

I would also review your packages in your project see if they are up to date or even rollback to the last stable version.

Other information about which packages you have loaded and browser you are using, and a bit more about the process flow and activities you are using etc. may help other to offer other insight.