UiPath Excel Multi Bot Architecture

Suppose 5 bots will try to access an excel at the same time. We can’t use “Rertry Scope”.
Is there any other way , other than using “Retry Scope” ?

It’s generally not a good idea to try to access the same file from multiple jobs. Even retry scope may not work because they’ll be fighting with each other over the file which is inefficient.

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Its not a good idea to use excel in multi bot…

But what you can do is to create a locking system and only one bot use it and other bots wait till this bots makes it free

Fot that you can use a locking like below

Add and asset lock and give initial values as NA

Use a get asset and check if it is NA then use set asset to set the value of asset to environment.username…

Then use get asset again and check if the value is environment.username or not…

If yes then lock is acquired you can use excel and after use set the asset value bavk to na…

In any other case let the bot wait usinng delay for a random time using random function and let it try again

Hope this helps


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