How to handle multiple bots accessing single Excel file?

I have an Excel file which needs to be updated, How to handle when multiple BOTs are reading and updating the Excel, can anyone suggest me how to handle this scenario.?

We could schedule at in different time to access the same file again and again

Hi @BReddy_m

Create a lock system . This is how you can do it

Use whole of this inside a loop

  1. Create an asset lock and give initial values as NA
  2. While updating excel use get asset and forst check if value is NA
  3. If NA then use set asset and set the current username using environment.username to the asset
  4. After that get asset again and check if the value in asset belongs to current username… if yea then process the excel because only one bot will cross all these checks and once excel process is done then set the asset back to NA
  5. In any of the else conditions let the bot wait for few minutes and check for the lock again(as we added loop already)