Free UiPath Enterprise trial relevant issues

Dear Uipath,
I am an User of an enterprise, so i registered an account for enterprise trial 60 days with my business email address. After registration, i received email as below shotscreen shown for further setup and activation.

I have below issues before and in the process:
1: The enterprise trail version webpage and the academy page always disconnected and with the error code"504", and i need refresh the web page from time to time to keep logging into the website.
2: Based on above received email shotscreen, the first step is to download “orchestrator”, after running the installation process, the error message as “此机器上缺失某些必须的windows 功能或者服务器角色“ May i know that if i only want to be an enterprise developer role, do i still need install the " orchestrator " in my local computer? or I just need to install the " UipathStudioOnPremTrial” studio in my local computer, which is enough or not?
3:If we are a RPA developer role, the activated trial code in the welcome email is used for both studio and Orchestrator?

Hi @juan.2.xu

Could you maybe post some screenshots of this behaviour?

It looks like you have signed up for the Enterprise On-Premise trial, while actually being more interested in the Enterprise Cloud trial. See below:

The Enterprise Cloud will allow you to install your Studio, connect it to your Orchestrator and then start automating, without the need to host your own on-premise installation of Orchestrator.

How to resolve this issue?

Hi @juan.2.xu

The best way forward would be to create a ticket with our Academy Support: