UiPath dont Open aplication

Hello, I have a problem here guys, I try open an application in UiPath, but he dont “take” in UiPath, I use a “Open Application” but when I select the application he return Null for me, like the application dont exist and anything was selected, anothers applications open normal, somebody can help me about this?


Did you try passing the FileName instead?

Hello @bcorrea,

Yes I try, but dont work.

you did this:

and your application wont open?

Yes, I did… dont open.

may i ask what is the application?
and also you tried using ui explorer to find the selector?

If you have the file path we can either try with START PROCESS activity or with OPEN APPLICATION

Kindly try once with start process with file path of the exe file of your application as input string
Cheers @Diego_Pin

Hello @Palaniyappan,

I try but dont work to… I dont know why, but is the only application that dont work in my uipath.

May I know name of that application
Cheers @Diego_Pin

He call “Telegrama”, this is a process to a company that I Consult.

i Hope that application must be having a .exe executable file
Does it have any
Cheers @Diego_Pin

try like this:

  1. open application manually
  2. Find executable file in Task Manager Details
  3. Use Open file location

Hello guys, my problem was Resolved!!

Is just a package that need upgrade!

Thx Everyone!

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