Can not open application. Opens explorer in windows instead


I am trying to open an application from my desktop using “open application” and “indicate window on screen”. after I indicate the application icon it is not visebaile in Uipath. but it opens explorer and after runing i get the following error message:

"Open Application ‘explorer.exe Program’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: "

@E.E you have to indicate the application window screen not the icon. Also, if it doesn’t work for you, you can try Start Process activity as well.

Hello @E.E ,

Another workaround is to use Send hot key activity.
Configure your shortcut on your desktop to open using keys, and then use Send hotkey on Uipath:

I hope it helps.


@E.E Welcome to Community

  1. Why you are opening the browser?
  2. You can try open browser activity and pass the URL.

Hi Adit,

Thank you for the response. this time i did the indication inside the application. After running in Uipath i got the following error:

Open Application ‘javaw.exe Marathon’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

any idea how i can solve this?

Hi Wasea,

Thank you for the response, unfortunately hotkeys need Admin password since it is a company laptop.

Umm, not sure about this one. Can you maybe try passing the file path in Start Process activity and see how it goes?

Hi @E.E

Maybe use send hotkey win+r and type the application installed exe path in the command prompt it will open

Thank you, start process worked!

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you can try to use my activity - its looking for exe path in windows registry just provide name like SAPLogon

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