Uipath Direct connection - terminal wizard

On the IBM emulator we have print option where user / Bot can click on print or ctrl + P to take print and the output as “PDF” format. Business will able to copy and paste the details from PDF wherever required. In direct connection, i have tired to use screenshot activity, but the output file size is high when compare to IBM print option and business not able to copy paste any data.

I have used configure connection → Provider : Direct connection

In UiPath direct connection, is there any such functionality?

Hi @Suresh_Kumar_Murugan,

UiPath direct connection does not have a print option. However, you can use the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option to save the output as a PDF file. You can make it as default printer so that you don’t need to select it every time.

I hope this helps.


Hi @RajKumar_DC,

Not sure what you are referring to Microsoft Print to PDF, from which application i can utilise this option. Can you please throw more details on this

You could probably (Terminal) Get Text activity then Set Text into Notepad, then print to PDF from Notepad.

Previously i have used print option in IBM emulator and that looks exactly same and team can copy paste the data. Now if i paste in word the format is getting changed and i use notepad again that need to use work for print to PDF