I’m trying to define a database connection using UiPath.Database.Database.Connection but I do not see this option in my list of drop downs for types. How do I get this option added to my UiPath? Thanks


When you click the dropdown under Variable type look for “Browse for types …”
Then, search for database.connection.

Does that help?


Thanks for responding. I tried using Browse for Types under the variable type drop down but the UiPath.database.database.connection does not show up. I have Uipath.Database.Activities.database.Connect but I do not see UiPath.database.Database.Connection. Thanks

It’s UiPath.Database.DatabaseConnection
You had an extra period.

I verified this by using the Connect activity and Creating a variable in the Output parameter with right click > Create Variable or Ctrl+K


Thanks for your time and help. That worked. I’m sorry for the confusion.

could you please tell me how to make connection string and Print all data from Data table in MS Access …
In brief description if possible …
Thanks In Advance.