Ui path database

can we create database and tables using ui path and how we can achieve it?

Yes you can using DataBase Activity, setting will be differ based on Which DataBase server you are using,
you can follow the Steps as suggested in the below link;

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Hi @Ruchi15,Yes you can create tables and database.You need to provide your db details and execute query

Hope this helps for Datatables and Data variables:

my question is that if we want to create database, table & then insert values in it i.e all through ui path activities(6 activities are there), then what would be the workflow?

“create database Try; use Try; create table Laptop(Name varchar(10), Price float(5))”

this is what i’m trying.

  1. Connect(provide your Connection string).
  2. Execute query (Write your Create table query).
  3. You can use either Insert activity or Execute None query(write insert query).
  4. Disconnect

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