Uipath.Database.Activites Missing

I went through some of the forum questions on missing activities, and I can’t seem to fix this.

Uipath.Database.Activites is missing on my list of packages.

First, here are the package sources:

In all packages, searching for “UiPath.Database.Activites” gives me no results (filter: include prerelease + uipath only).

I would screenshot the results, but I’m being limited to one image.

These two are similar topics I’ve looked up:
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Search by “Data” gives me these two results, but not Database.Activities.

After spending hours on this, I think it’s that Database.Activities isn’t compatible with Windows or Cross-platform projects (.NET 5). It does appear in Windows Legacy.

Looking at the code at GitHub, it clearly support net5.0. So what’s up with this?
Community.Activities/UiPath.Database.csproj at develop · UiPath/Community.Activities (github.com)

Hi @chang3d
Yes you are correct most of them are stuck with this compatibility.
some packages are not shown in windows mode.

Take a look


This below from that page doesn’t tell us a whole lot

Why are some activities compatible but not database? The source code suggests that it ought to support net5.0 and net5.0-windows.

Hi @chang3d
I found this in my experience if we change the compatibility its work fine. But the actual reason behind this compatibility is still mystifying puzzle. soon the forum clear its.

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