No Database Activities

Hi ,
I am using Studio Pro 2020.4.3 - 7/6/2020 Enterprise Trial License
I am unable to find Database activities
Can anyone have a solution ? or else can anyone provide me with the nuget.pkg for the same?

Hey @shreyaR
Please go to manage packages -> select all packages -> search for UiPath.Database.Activities -> click on install -> then save
let me know if ti solves your problem or not

Hi ,

I am unable to find Uipath.Database.activities in the manage packages

click on manage dependencies
click on settings (se schreenshot below)

ensure following package sources are activated:

Click on official and search for the package:

in case of the machine is blocked for internet connections then download the package from another machine with internet access:

and deploy it on the origin machine


Thanks its done :slight_smile:

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