UiPath.Database.Activities not in nuget


I cannot find UiPath.Database.Activities in the manage packages on the licensed studio. But they appear in community edition. Did anyone faced this issue?


Make sure you have all of the repositories selected when you search for the package.


Usually Official feed will be disabled by default so we need to enable it in studio Design TabManage PackagesSetting → enable Official feed
Then go to Official tab and search as UiPath.Database.Activities

Cheers @MadhuK

Thank you for the quick reply. Now i can see it but the pkg install is failing.

Thank you for the quick response.

Is this searched in OFFICIAL TAB
And if so enable Include Prereleases check box near to that search bar and then find
It is actually the activity package from Uipath Lab so it will be having the uipath symbol in it like how the below activities like UiPath.Mail.Activity shows

Cheers @MadhuK

Now i see that package is ready to be installed. What is the next step?


That’s all buddy
Once after installing click save
So that it will updated

And then in studio in activity we will be able search for activities of database package
Cheers @MadhuK

i really appreciate your quick response. it’s almost 15 min and it is still showing the same message.

May I know that if possible with a screenshot

Cheers @MadhuK

It’s installed now. Thank you for your help.

Cheers @MadhuK

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