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I am trying to retrieve domain password for SSO to a target website. The idea is that the robot uses the windows credentials from the Windows Credentials Manager to login to the target website that requires SSO.

While going through the UiPath.Credentials.Activities online resource. I am a little confused about the the property “Target”. In the documentation, it says that the Target can be a website but if the target is a website than how do the retrieve the credentials from the Windows Credentials Manager using the same “Target” property. Please look at the image below.


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By that target definition they mean this:

So in the get secure credential activity the internet or network address will be the target (which the name per say from our credential manager): Like below.

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@rachrahul2 Thank you for the reply. If we are just retrieving a username and password then why does it need me to enter “Internet or network address”. The name can be anything, what does the “Target” have to do with a internet or network address? Does entering lets say “google.com” as a internet address add any functionality that changes the robot’s access to “google.com” or is “google.com” just a name of a credential and adds no other value?

The target name is just for identifying the credential from set of credentials in Windows Credential Manager. For ex: you can have 100 different credentials and they need to be identified by the robot to fetch userID and Password.
If you enter “google.com” with the quotes then it is recognized as a string meaning you can use that string name to retrieve userID and password of that (string).
If https://google.com is entered with userId and password then that is a network address which can be used differently. (For ex. in PowerShell script)

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