"Target" property in Get Credential activity

Hi All,
Can anyone of you please let me know what should I give for the Target property, username and password too, in the Get credential activity. With it, I want to get the window credentials.

Thanks in advance.

Target : Name of the credentials stored in windows credentials
username and password are the outputs which you can give or declare the variables with any name to use for further purposes @sushmithaelluru

Ok! @HareeshMR, thanks for reply.

In the below screenshot, can I know which will be the target name!


You need to add the credentials to the windows manager using the activities or manually. Can you confirm you are not trying to pick the domain credentials? I mean the machine credentials

I need to get the credentials from window manager!

Yes I understand @sushmithaelluru

Here is the sample screenshot of my data


Here TEST is the target and persistance type is ENTERPRISE.

Can you check what you have for the credentials you are trying to pick?

Yeah I will pick.

As per your screenshot above,

BonnieEmail is the target type and check for persistance type

Am getting as below error,

That email has INBOX folder in it, but getting the above error.

Can you try updating the activities or just reopening the studio @sushmithaelluru?

Yeah will try @HareeshMR, thanks.