Activity getsecurecredentials doesn’t have a timeout if credential text provided to it is wrong.
It pops up to manually enter credentials.

Activity doesnt dies down and popup remains indefinitely.



hello @Mohit_Sagar
are you provide username and password in asset orchestrator?
because get secure credential get username and password from orchestrator.

Correct Credentials are in orchestrator.

In my case i have given wrong credentials Identifier.
So it is going to exception where i have get secure credential

Hi @Mohit_Sagar,

Kindly mention the same identifier which is there in assets, as string and dont forget to connect the Robot to your orchestrator. Else would fail even when you run in debug mode.

This would work…!


I have given wrong identifer deliberately.

My issues was there is not timeout for GETSECURE Credential
@Palaniyappan @sandeep13