UiPath crashes when I use 'Indicate on Screen' function


I am trialling UiPath version 2018.2.3 at the moment and keep having an issue. I have a problem creating a sequence - when I try to use the “indicate on screen” function to either create a mouse click, enter text, find an element, etc my UiPath crashes. I get a blue transparent ‘hand’ cursor and I have to reboot my whole system each time.

I have seen similar posted elsewhere but I think the resolution was to reinstall a different version of UiPath Studio which is not an option for me (there was talk of a Beta version not working but it being fine on a Stable version). I need a fix or a workaround please!

Yeah! Ihave a similar kind of problem. Does thishappens even when working on IE or on Windows Apllications?

Not sure - been trying to use it on an Access system for a specific proof of concept.

Hi - are you making any progress with your issue?

I reinstalled UIPath and it works fine until now! :smiley:

Did you lose previous work?

No I did not! The projects that you create remains as such, I still suggest you to make a backup before uninstalling. What you lose is:
1.The packages that you had previously Installed.
2.The projects that appears on the window when you open UiPath.
3.Also you need to add the extentions for the browsers again
I hope, that’s it. IStrongly Recommend you to take a backup though.

OK thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately reinstalling didn’t make any difference for me.