UiPath - copy drawing in Paint

Hi All!

An example process in UiPath is copying a drawing into Paint.
The process is implemented just for fun. It is difficult to come up with a practical application for such a task.



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Hi @rustam,
Wow! This is something! Was it hard to build such automation? What’s the typical time to draw one single image which is for example 1000pxx1000px?

Very Nice automation idea.:clap::clap::clap: But took a extra bit of time in completing.


The original image was prepared for the process.

Since the brush size is about 5 pixels, we need to resize the image. Instead of 1000 x 1000 resize to 200 x 200.

And reduce the color palette. Instead of 24 bits by 8 bits.

Since the process works with a prepared image, the process is very simple.

Transferring 40,000 points (200 x 200) will take two to three hours.

Nice. It slow but amazing :smiley: I like non-conventional use cases. It show the true possibilities inside RPA as well as it challenges everyone to try to play with it! Awesome work! Are you able to describe a little your process? What it’s doing step by step?

I have added English subtitles to the video. The video describes the process a bit.

I can post the process file if interested

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If it’s not something you want to keep for yourself then sure :slight_smile:
Honestly I would even try how it’s working on my end :slight_smile:

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Hi Rusthum great work,Can you share the process to understand it bettee it will be more helpful.