UiPath Connect! is officially launched!


That looks like entirely different world to me apart from Academy / forum !! Yeah so much to learn. Good to learn the different projects teams are working on :slight_smile:


Just received an anonymous testimonial :rofl:


Thankq Uipath👏


Great work. Looks really sweet. :smiley:


Great Platform!!


Congrats to all of you who put in the creativity and sweat to make it happen! :woman_mage::mage:
Once again UiPath gives us the tools, all we need to do is go ahead and build! :woman_mechanic::man_mechanic::man_factory_worker::woman_factory_worker:


Legend :raised_hands:

Looking forward to use it :grinning:


Great to see UiPath combining multiple accounts! I did notice I still had to login to the forum despite being logged in to UiPath Connect?

Great progress regardless!


Thank you team!


Hey @bdudiak we plan to migrate all Forum users to the same Sign In in February and soon all remaining spaces will follow the same process. We target that by May - all spaces will sit under a hassle free SSO.


Hi all, thank you for the unbelievable amazing feedback, never expected such reactions! Am so happy that you enjoyed it and do stay tuned that many more features are planned to be launched in the next period. Will post soon the roadmap we have in mind for Go! and Connect! and look forward to hear your feedback!


Hey, am dying of curiosity! Do feed me with your views on how to improve the profiles :sunny:


As far as i understood, we need to contribute to community, share knowledge & build enough competency in UI path. Over a period, we will be definitly recognised as MVP - thats what it actually means. most valuable professional.


Wow! That’s a great stuff. Congratulations UiPath team :bouquet::beers:.
Looking forward to collaborate and contribute more :blush:


Add me there :wink:

Arthur Leitão


Very nice user interface and site :slight_smile:


Great job. Awesome to see a single area for all connects


It is very nice. wow. A suggestion if we have the award info with link in the connect. It would be grateful.



Hey Balamurugan, are you talking about the Forum Community awards to be linked in Connect?


Yes @ovi