UiPath compatibility with dotnet frameworks




I am facing issue while launching studio after the upgradation of Dot Net framework.

Can a version upgrade of Dot net framework to 4.6.2 conflicts with already installed UiPath 2016? Need suggestions and solution.


hi @namratasinghc89

what kind of conflicts or issue you are facing?

Ashwin S


UiPath is not launching after upgradation and showing there is no such specific error it is popping up. The pop up just states Unexpected Error occured while starting and it has to be closed and if same error is coming again ,contact support. Tried restarting the tool and system as well.


hi @namratasinghc89

May I know the version of Uipath you are using??
Ashwin S


hi @namratasinghc89

Check this link for your reference


It’s 2016.2.6274.


Have you tried reinstalling Studio?

Also, please provide a Screenshot of the error and go to Event Viewer - > Windows Logs - > Applications and check if there is any log with UiPath Source(in order to see more details of the error).


Hi, I haven’t seen any UiPath error but there are sure .NET related errors in the list(error- .NET runtime optimization service: Failed to complie: Nuance.OmniPage.CSDK.Objects…) something like this…
One of our IT person said that there is an issue with the .NET framework package for 4.6.2 and he faced the same issue and then there is a standalone package introduce to solve this. I guess re-installing at the same framework version will not work if this is the issue.


You can also try to upgrade to the latest version available