UiPath Compatibility Affected by New Upcoming Enterprise Release

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I was working in one of my old project and realized that the Uipath Studio kept asking me to update the compatibility from Windows - Legacy to Windows, I did that out of curiosity and opted for creating a new project and found out some of the packages are affected by this migration. like
UipathTeam.SharePoint.Activities package was not able to get resolved, I tried to manage that package but it was not there when I looked for it and this even gave me two questions:-
1- Will this enterprise release phasing out windows - legacy compatibility affect all the bot that are there with old version of uipath.?
2- if so,how can we add the required packages in Windows Compatibility for SharePoint.?



In next 23.4 release, we can still edit windows legacy project and run it even though cannot create new windows legacy project.

So, it’s not necessary to convert it to Windows project in so haste, I think.

If your sharepoint is SharepointOnline of Office365, MicrosoftOffice365.Activities package will help you.


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Thank you. :slight_smile: