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I am trying to insert the values in my existing table, but its not inserting the values.

Can you please tell me a way through i can insert the values in my existing table through uipath.

Jasnoor Kaur


Hi @Jasnoor,
Can you please brief little more about what you tried? Which activity you used to insert and all…


Hi @jibanjyoti,

Through the ms-access i have give the connection to my database and the connection is done, and before connection i have read the workbook through which data is to be added in my existing table and then after connecting with my database i am trying to insert those values. They are not inserting, showing some issue.



@Jasnoor, Can you tell us the exact error or screenshot you are facing?


Hi @jibanjyoti,

Sharing the screenshot.

Or you can provide me the steps so that i can start from scratch.
I just want to insert the values in my existing table.



Can you paste your query here? I want to check the syntax first. @Jasnoor


Hii @jibanjyoti

I am uplaoding the steps through which i am trying to inserting the values in my existing table


Try this. It may Help you.


Hi @jibanjyoti,

what if i have a downloaded file and directly want that data to be inserted in my existing table.



@Jasnoor, If the constraints on the table aren’t met, the activity will fail and all the written rows will be saved.
So recommended:

  1. Download the File.
  2. Read the file using SQL Query Method or using Excel Application Scope.
  3. Extract the required fields and add data row you can use in order to insert them dynamically.

Search in Forum, so many similar issues have been solved. You can always refer and you will come to know which is the best practice for the same.


Hi @jibanjyoti,

Actually manually it is adding the row but i want that the file i have downloaded is get dumped in my table dynamically so i have provided the steps which i have shared in my screenshot with you.
And the training material provided by uipath i have tried that step also but still facing the issue.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1q3SB-omUbaAwd6--RndXw_kawyQ5SOra5B9NFOVcV68/edit?usp=drive_web---link through which i am seeking some help problem 2. Please if you can help me, it will be helpful for me as i am new to UiPath.