📢 UiPath Community MVP 2023 - Applications Open


The UiPath Community team is thrilled to announce that applications for UiPath Community Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) for 2023 are now open. We can’t wait to meet new groups of MVPs in February 2023. :rocket:

UiPath MVP members are hand-selected from our community of users who are the most active, engaged, and knowledgeable about the UiPath Platform. The MVP acknowledgement award is our way of recognizing those of you who show expertise and continuous meaningful contribution.

The UiPath Community MVPs title is awarded for individual engagement in the open public community and and not based on any commercial agreements. To qualify for the UiPath Community MVP award, you must have been a consistent and active member of the community for at least the last one year.

Are you a product expert? Do you always have an unstoppable urge to try new UiPath products and features? Do you lead by example? MVPs help shape the direction of the UiPath products by providing feedback on new features and ways of using the platform.

Apply Now

We know that our community consists of extremely talented individuals, and we want to give you the opportunity to immerse your skills, be bold and grow professionally. This program was especially designed to grant access to exclusive benefits and opportunities while nurturing career advancement.

Please check the criteria before applying UiPath Community MVP.

Thank you for being part of the UiPath Community, and let’s find together the MVP leaders that inspire us. Join us as one of the UiPath Community MVPs!

The UiPath Community Team!


Long wait! eagerly waiting for the announcement :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Happy to see MVP notifications for 2023… Looking forward to contribute more in forum.


Hi @Vibhor.Shrivastava

Happy to see this annoucement.

Is there a way to check if the MVP application finished well ? I don’t received any confirmation mail at the end

Hi, Yes it been received. Thank you for highlighting this - we’ve enabled showing a message at the end of the application submission. Also - you posted on last year program thread :slight_smile:
New one is here UiPath Community MVP Applications Are Now Open for 2024: Accelerate Your Automation Impact! - #4


The final screen shows this message @rikulsilva. I guess when you did an application, this message was disabled.

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Good News! I’m thrilled about this!

Hi, @samuc4

Yes. The message was enabled later.

Very happy to see that you applied too :heart: