UiPath Community edition latest update V2018.3 - Chrome Extension has errors

Im struggling with errors on the latest release of the UiPath studio community edition - specifically with the UiPath Web Automation Chrome extension v9.0.6821
ID: dkgencfabioofgdmhhjljpkbbchbikbh

I have uninstalled / re-installed the chrome extension multiple times with no avail. I searched online for the errors being displayed but Im not that well versed in the solutions provided where it entails some coding manipulation.

Is there a work-around or a fix for this error? Do I have to rework all my workflows to work with another browser?

Im stuck at the moment and cannot execute any of my workflows. Please provide feedback as soon as possible.

My solution to this as follows:

Completely uninstalled all other versions of UiPath and all related extension.
Re-installed UiPath and checked if all relevant registry values were pointing to correct location.

Ran Chrome and found the chrome native messaging host running again


Having same problem. Uninstalled both Uipath and Chrome. Installed them again but with no help.

How can i check if registry values are pointing to correct location?