Working as a consultant with Community Edition


First I´m not sure if this isnt the correct category.
Im thinking in start working as a UiPath consultant offering it for small companies in my region, like accounting offices, real estate, etc. basically any local business that fits into the Community license terms.
Is there any restriction from UiPath working with this kind of consultancy? I´m thinking in charging only for the automations that I develop for the clients and not for the license or anything related to the software.


Please find UiPath licensing
also please refer latest Privacy Policy

as per my knowledge community edition can be used for commercial purpose free of cost with limited number (I think 5 nodes) to run individually(not in association with orchestrator)
Hope my inputs are useful.

hmm… This looks interesting… BTW it nice idea… And with this we can penetrate to the smaller groups and encourage entrepreneurship.

Thanks for the links. Ive read them and couldnt find any restriction on working as a consultant using only the Community edition.

If you are introducing it to small client group you can do the following:

Enterprise trial is allocated for 2 months… Get them familiarized with small scale project and get in touch with UiPath team to help you out for licencing them properly :slight_smile:

Hi @tazlfdp I am glad I saw this post, I have been looking for similar information however after much searching it appears the large majority of connect from Uipath is geared to big companies.

If you are using the community license and the clients are small enough to use the community license then I don’t see how there would be anything for Uipath to restrict. The workflow is your creation that you are creating and selling, at least that is how I see it.

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