UiPath Community 2022.10 Preview Release

I have a question:
Does switching between tenants in Assistant also affect Studio? I for long time wish to be able to switch between tenants in Studio without need of Sign-Out and Sign-In. Is this working the same way?

Overall great updates, but still I hope one day you will solve one of the bugs / ideas I reported:
Another Orchestator ideas feedback (14 ideas & bug reports)
Another Studio feedback thread ;) (13 ideas to improve) - #6 by Roman_hruska

If I can pick only few that are something like super annoying then it is the need of solving:

  1. Log out and log in to switch tenant (that is what I am asking about so I hope for this is being solved this way)
  2. Log out and log in to switch organization (in all platform) or to switch account.
  3. Have Orchestrator Queue names clickable (which would bring you to the transaction list → which is something I do all the time) + have the name of the queue visible on the screen when you are seeing the Queue Items.

:pray: Hope to see this soon :wink:
Thank you guys, good work!

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