UiPath Community 2022.10 Stable Release - Test Suite

UiPath Community 2022.10 Stable Release - Test Suite

This topic goes in-depth about the improvements in Test Suite. To read about other products, please navigate to the main topic here.

Studio Testing

Timer Activities

The Testing Activity Pack now includes the possibility to test time ranges with the new Timer Activity. It allows to start and stop timers and their output can be easily verified. This improvement allows easy performance testing for the tested application.

Mobile Automation

A new, highly requested activity to retrieve the Session Id of your Mobile Device Connection, to execute advanced commands, is now available. You can simply store the Session Id in a Variable and use it wherever needed. In addition, this can also be logged to more easily identify the Mobile Device execution in a Cloud environment.

Share, Reuse & Update – Extract

The UiPath platform offers great tools to share assets, reuse them and version them centrally throughout your projects or the company. Libraries, Object Repository, and Assets are the preferred way to do this usually, while many more options exist.
A big improvement, especially when you started with a normal “Process” or “Test Automation” project, is the ability to extract a project into a library. This is especially useful when you later decide, at any point, that you want to share your assets with others. All used Workflows within your project will be automatically replaced by this new Library, to allow you to use those now shareable assets automatically and centrally maintain them with all the others.

Mobile Device Automation

Automate any app with a new set of activities to directly interact with the device screen without available controls:

With the new advanced action activities, you can execute any command available on the Mobile Device via Appium, to support advanced use-cases like “Fingerprint sensor”, “Get Session ID”, “Device Information” and much more:

Automatic RPA Test creation V2

Testing your automated workflows properly is critical to assure the quality of your automation and enable you to scale your automation initiatives.

We have understood that creating tests for your automation involves additional effort. This is why we added capabilities to Studio to auto-generate Test Cases to kickstart your RPA-test initiative.

Starting with 22.10 we have added the following new capabilities to this functionality.

Automatic Verifications

Every argument configured as In/Out or Out will be used to add automatic verification points to your test cases. This will further reduce the effort required to properly test your workflows.

Smart String Patterns

Our algorithm so far generated test data that sufficiently solve the conditions within your workflow, to reach a high coverage percentage. This often resulted in the creation of random strings that, while fulfilling the conditions, were not business-readable as they lacked the semantics of the workflow.
In this release we have added a variety of patterns for common expressions like IBAN, Credit Card number, or Country, and will generate meaningful data instead of random strings only.

Support Asset Fetching

Assets used in a workflow so far have been a black box for us, which lead to the fact that our algorithm possibly did not perform as well as we would like to. We closed this gap now, by fetching asset values dynamically when you trigger the test generation. This will further improve the coverage of your workflow.

Support for time-based types

We now can also deal with arguments of type DateTime and TimeSpan and will generate syntactically correct test data for it.

Automation Profiler

The quality of your automation depends not only on its semantic correctness but also on its performance. Slow-performing automation can lead to synchronization issues and failures in production.

To identify bottlenecks and design issues within your automation that lead to bad execution performance, we added profiling capabilities. By enabling profiling within the Debug ribbon and running your automation in debug mode, we will analyze the performance of each executed action and show you the result within a separate profiling result panel.

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