UiPath Community 20.10 Stable Release - Studio

Hi @bp777,
If you are on Community Licence then is should update automatically. If not then you can download the latest version HERE.

It’s most probable that during update your robot service didn’t get update. This happens sometimes if the update process was stopped to soon by re-opening studio during update etc. You can do two things.

  1. Close Studio and Robot and:
  • go to task manager and kill all uipath processes
  • navigate to installation folder (by default C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Local\UiPath)
  • remove the folder with old version of Studio
  • run Studio (it should go with old version)
  • in Studio switch to Stable version
  • observe the installation folder and you will see that new version folder is present
  • give it couple minutes and then restart Studio and Start the Robot. It should work now.
  1. Close Studio and Robot and:
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When this will be available for Enterprise? Site still says 20.4.3.

Later this month. Until then, if you have time, please grab the Stable Community and let us know your thoughts.


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Hi I wanted to install the Studio on a new virtual machine but I get an error I’ve never seen before:

any idea where to start looking for a solution?

Apparently the virtual machine had an automatic time setting that had put the time 2 hours in the future in comparison to our normal timezone - when I changed the time manually to the correct time the problem I had brought up dissapeared - I wouldn’t have guessed that it’s up to the time set in Windows :slight_smile: that’s why I posted the question. Any way the solution is changing the time in windows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is most common issue for variety of Windows services. For example in domain environments time difference between PC’s and Domain Controller can’t be out of sync for more than 5 minutes. Otherwise you won’t be able even to login into PC :slight_smile:

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Hello, I have a uipath studio community edition (20.10.0) but when I want to start studio it doesnt start. No error code, just doesnt start. I uninstalled and download again but it dident work. I installed enterprice edition and it is working. But community edition does not. Could you help me please_

Try this please. UiPath Community 20.10 Stable Release - Studio

You said "romove the folder with old version of studio…Which folder aaa do I need to remove…

Hi @Ali_Comm, can you please check if the issue you are facing is this one? We’ve had a similar behavior of Studio not launching if the Regional Format = Turkish. Studio Community installation progress gets stuck

If this is not the case, please follow along these steps: Studio Community installation progress gets stuck.

Thank you!

Please note: Object Repository descriptors created before 20.10 are not compatible with Studio 20.10. If you run into upgrade issues where your Studio settings disappear or projects fail to open, please check this guide: Fix to the issue of opening projects / creating new projects / missing Studio settings

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hi, the enterprise version is ready for the on-prem version ? :slight_smile:

Object Repository :heart_eyes:


does the studio version solve the problem caused by newtonjson.soft.dll [refer] ?