UIPATH code protection

Hi Everyone - Is there a way I can make my code (.xaml) password protected. I want my code to be invisible and non editable by anyone.

If this is a personal project, I recommend getting GPG and encrypting the zipped files. If this is an enterprise-level project, there should be data security measures in place to protect your files that shouldn’t require individual file encryption. For example, if you need to send the file to a partner organization, an SFTP or secure web transfer method would be more appropriate.

Link to the windows GPG software: GnuPG - Download

@Anthony_Humphries Thanks I will try this option…

It depends on your use case it can’t truely be secured and non-editable if you want to run the package with UiPath in the end.

Of it’s about protecting the contents when not in use, sure you can encrypt the source or published package but needs to be decrypted to run as UiPath does not currently have the capability that it sounds like you are asking about.

If it’s more about ensuring the contents haven’t been tampered with rather then obscuring the content, you can sign the Nuget package and enforce that packages fetched are from a trusted source.